Our history

Nontex was born already full of knowledge and skills thanks to a farsighted intuition: the Company is, in fact, officially created in 1991, when its founders have decided to capitalize on their wide experience in the field of Nonwovens.

A material of which they sense the great potential in terms of application and expansion and on which they do this bet: to create a Company entirely dedicated to the development and distribution of the Nonwoven.

This company specialized in the sale of Nonwoven fabric has become a trusted supplier to leading producers in Italy and abroad, who come to us to have a quality product and enjoy our reliability and our fast deliveries.

The choices made over the years have been forward-looking:

  • only the best suppliers, to ensure our customers the highest quality;
  • investments in equipment to offer new and better services, to respond to new demands and to be more competitive in the market;
  • the build of a team of technical experts with great and specific skills, on which have been done wise investments, always trying to enrich more and more the corporate culture.

The current headquarters was built in 2010 in order to improve standards of safety and quality of workmanship. Making this choice we have been able to provide a better product, reduce environmental impact and improve the work environment for our employees.