Specialists in Nonwoven fabric

We are reliable partners for your supplies of Nonwoven fabric in small, medium and large quantities with the possibility to customize it with prints.

The uses of Nonwoven, nowadays, are many: among the synthetic fabrics it is surely the most versatile and easy to work thanks to its advanced technical features.

To enable the factories to take advantage of the non-woven, even when they only need limited amounts of the product, Nontex is dealing with customized supplies for over twenty years. For over twenty years we guarantee our customers throughout Italy and abroad the highest quality standards, delivery within 24-48 hours and a wide assortment of colors and weights immediately available in our warehouse of 7,000 square meters.

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Particular attention is paid to the needs of each of our customers: the product development department provides indeed personalized assistance that it also includes specific studies and product testing. Nontex also deals with the customization of Nonwoven through prints, logos, cuts and die-cuttings in special formats. It is also possible to demand simple seams to buy linings or other semi-finished products in order to use them for subsequent productions or, in specific cases, as a finished product.

We provide our experience, cutting-edge equipment and a team with high technical skills. We only work first class materials and we do it to the best of our ability, always ensuring competitive prices.