A Nonwoven fabric for every need: waterproof, printed, plasticized. The Nonwoven fabric allows all this, and NONTEX is ready to satisfy customers by working the product as they want.

Do you need some examples of what we can do?

  • Nonwoven's tablecloths: cut into customized shapes and sizes, printed with your logo, plasticized, according to your requests;
  • Rolls of every size, of the requested color and weight (our highly skilled staff will help you to choose them, if you are unsure) and with the printed graphic pattern asked by you;
  • ...and much more.

The supplies of "Spunbond" which we can quickly make available, are able to fulfill every need of manufacturing companies.

To realize the number of products we are able to offer you, just check the photogallery.

We can make printed in height 160 cm for pillows and mattresses or 210-220 cm to produce mattresses: our machines have printing capacity up to a height of cm. 240 for fast deliveries within a few days.

Rapidity and quality are guaranteed by twenty years of business.

Please contact us to explain us your needs.