Sizes and Weights

Nonwoven fabrics customizable in a thousand formats, with special shapes and sewn articles.

The characteristics of the Nonwoven fabric make it a material suitable for many different uses. Our machines allow you to cut it in sizes of different shapes and dimensions: rectangular, circular, daisy, and any other forms that your imagination suggests; we can also make sewn articles (such as, for example, the linings for the interior of the pillows), reprocess printed fabrics or plasticize.

Our machines are able to work Nonwoven fabrics without altering their quality: the product can be easily cut and punched in series through the use of metal templates and presses. In a short time we can produce a large quantity of Nonwoven fabrics.

Weights available are varied, and can be choosen according to your specific uses and the required characteristics.

Check the one that suits your needs among the available colors:

WHITE Grams 12/13; Grams 14/15; Grams 17; Grams 18; Grams 20; Grams 25; Grams 30; Grams 35; Grams 40; Grams 50; Grams 60; Grams 65; Grams 70; Grams 90; Grams 100; Grams 120; Grams 15

BLACK Grams 15, Grams 30, Grams 40, Grams 45, Grams 50, Grams 60, Grams 65, Grams 70, Grams 90, Grams 100, Grams 120, Grams 150

BEIGE 1/27 Grams 40 , Grams 50 , Grams 60, Grams 70, Grams 100 , Grams 150

COLOURED Grams 50, Grams 60 , Grams 70 , Grams 100