The Nonwoven fabric

Everything is possible with the Nonwoven

The term “Nonwoven” refers to various types of product that are obtained with processes and fibers different from each other. Nontex commercializes the “Spunbond”, which is obtained from the processing of synthetic fibers that are not woven, preferably polypropylene's polymers or polyester's polymers.

Compared to other types of Nonwoven fabrics, the "Spunbond" is more versatile thanks to its softness and strength. Furthermore, with the "Spunbond" you can obtain very thin tissues.

The industrial process that takes place in Nontex is continuously monitored with advanced machinery, at the same time paying attention to the environmental impact. The result is a material of excellent softness and strength, flame retardant (or, on request, class 1-fireproof), with a standard suitable for making disposable articles.

If you are wondering how the “Spunbond” can be used in your field of work, you can see here some applications of our Nonwoven fabrics.

To go into more detail about the characteristics of this material, you can visit the official website of EDANA, the international Nonwoven's association.