Mattresses's shops and furniture's

The Nonwoven can be useful for industries that produce mattresses, quilts and furniture both as outer coating and inner component.

The Nonwoven fabric is normally flame retardant (also fireproof, on request), hygienic, breathable, durable and soft. Therefore it is ideal for coating both the exterior and the interior of mattresses, pillows or sofas and, generally speaking, as a fabric for furnishing. Furnishing's fabrics (in this case Nonwovens for the interior) ,in fact, have to meet safety standards superior to those of other sectors: the Nonwoven (especially the Spunbonded) is perfectly suited to these needs.

Nontex takes care of manufacturers with seriousness and professionalism. There are printed fabrics of height 160 cm for pillows and mattresses and 210-240 cm to produce mattresses. Nontex works closely with customers by providing them professional and competent employees who can help them in the selection and development of the material they need, through studies and technical tests.