Uses of Nonwoven fabric

Everything is possible with the Nonwoven fabric. By carefully choosing the weights and technical specifications, in fact, it can be used in the following areas:

List of uses of Nonwoven:

  • to produce bags and shopping bags;
  • as packaging material;
  • as linings for mattresses, pillows, sofas or in furniture shops;
  • as edgings and trimmings (Nonwoven ribbons);
  • for the production of disposable items for beauty salons and hairdressers;
  • to produce disposable items in the health sector;
  • as tablecloths of desired shape and with custom printings for catering and dining;
  • for the setting up of stages (scenography) and stands;
  • as a protective cloth or for the mulching in agriculture.

Check the sections of the site dedicated to the applications of the Nonwoven fabrics for further information, or write to us to directly tell us your needs.